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Major Gratitude, Sincere Thanks , & Thumbs Up To Ticket Tech Support!

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I cannot stress enough to people how invaluable IPS Ticket Support is, and how it is simply a cut above the rest! I'm not even someone that preferably enjoys resorting to "submitting a trouble ticket," because I've had so many horrid experiences in the past with other companies regarding such a customer service feature. And yet, IPS Ticket Tech Support Reps (like Logan Wortman & Mark H.) continue to make me have to rethink what I thought I knew about the "submitting a trouble ticket" experience. VERY fast, reliable, available, and concrete results/resolutions/fixes/answers constantly re-enforce to me how VALUABLE IPS products/services are, and they have never wasted my time yet! I cannot stress enough how grateful I am for this level of professionalism, quality in products, and excellence in customer service IP continues to impress upon me!

Special thanks to Logan Wortman, for resolving an issue I had regarding a new installation of IP.Board 3.1.1. He had identified the issue within mere minutes and presto! FIXED!

(Did I mention these guys ARE FAST at resolving issues?! SERIOUSLY *cheers*)

Special thanks to Mark H., for giving me advice & direction regarding my questions I had about IP.Board's 128MB *recommended* memory requirements. AND for also helping me w/ other issues/tickets I've submitted in the past! This guy is an IP.Board guru!

I think I've made my point quite clear. I'm beyond impressed with the service. quality, and customer care I've received from IPS. So long as they continue to maintain this high level of superior excellence in service, I will without a doubt remain a loyal IPS customer! WELL DONE!

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Yes, thank you for the kind words.

Of course, now we know which techs to lock in the store room at the office over holiday weekends as well. We have to make sure we have the best techs available when personnel are scarce after all, right?

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