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Validating Malicious registration names show as NEW MEMBERS


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Support Ticket response, posted in this area on IPB support request.

We have a problem with persons registering dozens of obscene names to disrupt the board.
These names show on the bottom of the board in the area 'Newest Member' and are visible to all site visitors, even thought they have not verified their email address and been Admin approved.

Can it be set that new members only show in that area once approved by admin?

Today, 08:00 AM
Staff: Andy

After checking this myself on my test board validating members will not show in the newest member section by default but will if you move them to the banned group apparantly.

Validating members do, however, show in the member list unless you specifically edit the group to alter this setting. I see you have already done this so am I right in thinking that currently the only public viewable location of these members is in the "newest member" field at the bottom of your board?

If that is the case this is not strictly a bug in the software. However, I think it would make sense to also hide the group from that field if you have set the group to hide from the member list.

I would advise you post this as a feature suggestion in the company forums at http://community.invisionpower.com/forum/298-ipboard/ where it will get the attention it deserves from the board developers.

I note somebody else has also made such a suggestion here...


In the meantime while you wait for an inbuilt feature you could remove that field from your skin by performing the following edit...

In ACP > Look & Feel > Your Skin > Templates > Board Index > boardIndexTemplate

find and delete...

<dd><a href='{$stats['info']['last_mem_link']}' title='{$this->lang->words['view_profile']}'>{$stats['info']['last_mem_name']}</a>{parse template="user_popup" group="global" params="$stats['info']['last_mem_id'],$stats['info']['last_mem_seo']"}&nbsp;</dd>

Technical Support
Invision Power Services

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Can confirm that some admins have seen the obscene validating names and moved them to the banned group.
We do not delete these users as the IP addresses are evidential.

I have removed 'new members' from display as advised above.

Banned members and validating members should not be visible in the normal members list.

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If you use the built in ban member method...


Then they won't be removed from the validating group so there should be no issue. It's only if members are moved out of the validating group there is a problem.

I do think that the hide from members list option should also apply to the newest member field though if you have it set for a group.

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It should be written into the code that Banned/validating members should by default not be visible anywhere?
That would save everyone having to reset these values in ACP.
Many will only find the need to do this when they are targeted like we are being targeted.

These people have found a weakness in the code and are exploiting it to great effect!

Currently even admins cant see who is online.

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