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Notifications: Mark as read


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When you get a notification about for instance a quoted post you click 'quoted' and it brings you to the post, but when you return to the index the notification is still 'new', even though you've already read the post. Now I can understand why you'd not want to mark a notification as read after you press any link in it (for instance when you click '<user>' and go to the profile, you might want to check out your quoted post or the user's post later), but it would be nice if you could mark them as read from the index (using AJAX would be nice, I think, not having to reload the page afterwards :)) because currently you have to go to the 'Notifications area' and 'read' it there, even though you've already read it :(

So I'd like to see a 'Mark as read' button either in the notifications menu (user bar) and/or in the notifications sidebar block. It could easily be fit on the same line as the date/time you received the notification, but then on the right.

Edit: hmmm, it seems the notifications are updated, but it just takes a while or they are marked as read after you leave the board, either of those.

Still a button to mark them would be nice ;)

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