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My friend is owner of a license, and we work together on that board. I am a developer and skinner, and I did learn how to create IPB skins.

I made a few and want to sell them, why I can't do that on this board? The other account with the license I can't use (because he don't want let me in because he don't trust me xD haha no he only don't want that I will get all his acces to the client section etc.)

So why I can't sell skins on this board with a normal account? I think it would be very nice when other people can sell skins to ;)


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At present time, we only allow those who have an active license to access our resource areas. I apologize for the inconvenience - I do know there are some third party sites you might be able to utilize to sell your skins (or you can also create a new site to do so). :)

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