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Suggestion: Flag As Spammer link should disappear for established members


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also, if your boards are private w/under 100 ppl then this is a gratuitous feature IMO.

in profiles > profileModern I commented out this:

				<if test="authorspammer:|:$member['spamStatus'] !== NULL && $member['member_id'] != $this->memberData['member_id']">

					<if test="authorspammerinner:|:$member['spamStatus'] === TRUE">

						<li><a href='#' onclick="return ipb.global.toggleFlagSpammer({$member['member_id']}, false)">{parse replacement="spammer_on"} {$this->lang->words['spm_on']}</a></li>

					<else />

						<li><a href='{$this->settings['base_url']}&amp;app=forums&amp;module=moderate&amp;section=moderate&amp;do=setAsSpammer&amp;member_id={$member['member_id']}&amp;auth_key={$this->member->form_hash}' onclick="return ipb.global.toggleFlagSpammer({$member['member_id']}, true)">{parse replacement="spammer_off"} {$this->lang->words['spm_off']}</a></li>


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