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How many years is it going to take IPS to include a "Contact Us" form? I have a paid custom one with recaptcha that I use and it gets used a lot. :rolleyes:

Automatically fills in user name if logged in
Has Subject, email address, name & plain text/message fields
Has optional recaptcha ACP settable
Has optional challenge question ACP settable
Has optional message bar ACP settable
Can send message to admin/moderator etc by email, pm, or in a specific topic ACP settable
Can send copy of email to sender also ACP settable

Plain and simple and looks "Factory"

When will a similar one be included in IPB??? You use one here why not let us have one too that can be enabled or disabled via ACP applications? The reason I ask for one is because paid/free ones become obsolete sometimes as IPS upgrades their software and the authors "sometimes" vanish or no longer care/support the mod!

Mine also integrated fine with IP.Board Mobile skin with a few changes

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I Use "(SOS30) Contact Form v1.0.0" and it works great also it's FREE and the owner always around to do upgrades. :D

I used that form for a long time when Chelsove first developed it, he is the one I was referring to and vanished. It is great that Adriano picked up the ball and continued with it (I was one of the ones that asked him to do that). The problem I had with that form was you could not "reply" directly to the email without first remembering to change the email to the senders address as the email came with the boards address, it was always a pain. The one I have now puts the senders email in so all you do is click reply. :thumbsup:
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This one do all of that,and the one he just bring out do even more you can set departments ect..why pay for something that can do the same thing and it's FREE..

The person that make this is still around and always in these forums guess you have it mix up little..

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This one do all of that,and the one he just bring it do even more you can set depts ect..why pay for something that can do the same thing as the FREE one..

Maybe now, but when I had mine made at the beginning of 3.0 there was none! Still needs to be included in IPB! If these guys can do it Matt or Brandon can whip this out in no time!

BTW--I am not suggesting anyone pay for the mod - mine you can't even get- it was a custom job between myself and the coder
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Never use them since I figure the admins never check them. It's never used on my site. I don't see this being something needed to be built in.

Needed badly.
You do not need it,one of your members might need it.
"I cannot login! What's wrong with the forum?

Nothing. You are registered as Vasilios.
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Or you can use http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/2685-m30-contact-system-v311/ which is a more comprehensive system.

Or wait and buy IP.Nexus as this will include one that you can use wit the forums.

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I would love to see a build in Contact Us form, so I dont have to worry about addons breaking sometime. (Not sure why IPS hasn't) Aside from the standard expected features for a contact system, I would like to see a way for the receiver to reply (using the system) via email.

Maybe an option, use default forum email, or user email. Could even send the user a temp login and pw so they can reply to the question like some kind of ticketing system.

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