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How are things going with ad integration issues?


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Here are the biggest issues for me:

1/ The ad integrated after the first post overwrites the existing second posts on existing threads. Would like to see this inserted between the existing posts, or have this integration only begin on new threads, leaving the old/existing alone.

2/ Footer ads are interfering with blog entries

3/ Sidebar ads aren't formatting correctly

Is there any headway on these? It is costly to be waiting on the sidelines (even if for google adsense alone), or were these corrected in 3.1.1?

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The after 1st post works for me but I have to use iframe, javascript stretches the next post.

Sidebar also. Javascript messes up formatting. Using iframe.


Header/footer seem fine.

Have not used blog ads yet.

Overall I like it. Worked around the issues.

As far as not showing on old posts, that would kill revenue.

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That made me test things though. Adsense works fine. However, I cannot use javascript ads spawned by OpenX banner rotation software. I have to choose iframe. Javascript messes up formatting. I can use these on all other sites including other forum software so not sure what that issue is, but at least the iframe seems to work.

rbiss, what are you using to format your ads?

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