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More hook locations and...


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Need more hook locations
1. Ability to use hooks or some sort of smaller extension system in the admin cp to add more options in the forums, members and group forms without edits nor requiring a separate app.
2. A hook before IPSLib::doDataHooks( &$topic, 'postAddTopic' ); in classPost which passes the entire post data in order to do validation/return errors before topic is inserted. Currently it hooks the topic data after validation and then the post data after topic is created which doesn't help at all.
3. Hooks to add more links inside of existing user cp tabs, right now its a bit tricky to overload as it builds a local array and returns that, no option of simply adding to that array. You would currently need to overload that action and copy the whole function over which is simply ineffiecient and wasteful. The showForm function can be overloaded more sensibly but uh, getLinks not so much.

Also the image gd class has a watermark function that COULD work, however it is useless as it doesn't allow specifiying of where to place the watermark without editing it, some generic options like bottom, center, blah blah or something else would be nice so using the function would reduce code/edits :P

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