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Renaming Forum Directory

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If i wanted to change my forum directory how would i go about it

for example
www.websitename.com/forums would be the current

to www.websiteame.com/ford/forums (change too)

if i just move the files then the links would still direct me to

when i would need it to direct me to

I know this is how it was done on 2.2 if anyone is finding what i'm asking to be confusing :P

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You should be able to create the directory structure, move the installation to the new location and then change your configuration file to point to the new location. Don't forget to modify your .htaccess as well if you're using it.

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This will take a matter of 60 seconds.

Basicly in FTP you make the folder you wish "Ford" Once made Highlight all your forums files and DRAG to the folder "Ford"

Once done go to forud/forums/conf_global.php - Open and edit this file:

Find line:

$INFO['board_url'] = 'www.websitename.com/forums';

and change to:

$INFO['board_url'] = 'www.websitename.com/ford/forums';

Delite the .htaccess file in your forums root.

Then go to the active link:


Go to general settings and then change the upload path ect, Your ACP will find the CORRECT path - just copy and paste it.

Update caches and your done.

Voila :)
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