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Pick and choose members in mass edit


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This has been brought up before. The ability to pick and choose which members to mass move/prune from search results in the member management area. This is a missing element that definitely needs to be included.

If an admin happens to have an onslaught of spammers joining during a specific time period and they wish to do something about those members, that in itself isn't so bad. But if in the middle of it all, a couple of legitimate members have joined, then it because more difficult. Being able to select the members from the results would help remedy this situation, as all the offending members could be selected (via select all, then deselecting the legit members) and then perform their mass actions per normal.

Would also be useful to have a few extra options, such as mass ban and mass 'spammer', perhaps putting all options (move/prune/ban/spammer) into a drop down menu to keep things tidy.

Another feature that would be nice to have would be something similar to a multi-moderation feature, where custom actions could be applied to all selected accounts (or could be done on an individual member when editing them). Could include things like mod-q'ing th person, adding a premade note, adding a warning level, restricting posting access, etc.

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