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IP.Board Mobile skin


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Since IPS now includes the mobile skin with IPB there needs to be a way to duplicate the skin if need be just like you can make a duplicate copy of the IPB default skin in the ACP if you need to. At present if something corrupts the mobile skin there is no way to repair it. Either that or there needs to be a download of that skin? I just went thru this and Matt fixed it for me but he nor anybody else should have to do that. %7Boption%7D

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The import it as a new skin.

No you can't in 3.1.0 because the export/import is broken for the mobile skin and that is why Matt had to fix mine, but a download of the skin should still be available when these issues are encountered. The problem now is the mobile skin exported in 3.0.1 will not import right into 3.0.1, so waiting on a reply about that.

BTW-this has been confirmed by support also

EDIT: Matt just responded and he is going to check the code for a possible code bug export/import of the mobile skin
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