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I hope this is the correct place to boost your ego haha! I think IPB is incredible, and the fact it comes out with improved versions very quickly between each other is even more incredible. The fact you can turn something amazing into something more amazing just shows how amazing you lot are. I would also like to say a big thank you to Mark Wade, he is just awesome and has helped me an endless amount of times even when he didn't have to. I look forward to IP Nexus being completed, I'm sure it'll be 10/10.

If I can suggest a potential upgrade for the future: You recently made it that users can now view their own reputation log, and see who has repped them. Would it be possible for users to see their user ratings? (The 5 star system), and basically see who rated them what? The same with topic ratings, it'd be interested to see a log of what other people rate the topic - I hope this hasn't been requested before, or indeed actually implemented. If so, then I feel a little silly xD But that's alright.

Thanks again IPB/IPS, I love you.

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