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Success with IPS


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I just thought i give some feedback how i am doing with the IPS suite. I bought IP.Board and all the Addons in October 2009. By the end of october i relaunched my site. I am now using IP.Content for my traditional (not static anymore) sites and the rest for the community aspects.

Since using IPS Software on my website i have seen an significant increase on my traffic:


But not just the numbers are rising also is the activity on my site. I've gained more members and the spiders love my site. I know that i have still a small site but that strong effect of using IPS Software really suprised me.

Im also having more fun being admin because its ONE very well integrated product for the whole site. Before IPS i used ModX and a bridge for SMF and its always been a pain and to me it always seemed as if im having to different sections on my site. I wanted something that connects the different parts of my site for years and now i found it!

I'm still using 3.05 as i'm waiting for IP.Nexus to do a complete upgrade for my site.
I've never been sorry that i switched to IPS and im happily awaiting in what direction the software will evolve.
Keep up the good work :thumbsup:

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Don't forget to add your site here - [url="http://community.invisionpower.com/links/"]http://community.invisionpower.com/links/[/url] if you have not already done so :)

I have already done it a couple of weeks ago. I leave it up to everybody to find it :)

thanks for the appreciation of my post.
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