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Download: [Free] IB Green For 3.1

Chris T

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File Name: [Free] IB Green For 3.1
File Submitter: Chris T
File Submitted: 09 Jun 2010
File Category: Color-Theme Skins

IB Green By me.

If you have had to much of the blue from IPB. why not try Green? :thumbsup:

I also have Green team Icons to go with this custom made by myself. (w00t)

Please keep all support in the topic at my forums.

This is a free listing please support me by Joining http://Graphicforums.org and saying Hello or Donate just send me a 'pm' for my paypal

Click here to download this file

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Hi Chris. This looks great on my site. Thanks for all your work! However, I'm having one issue with it.

Basically, on the sign in page, the top right box displays just fine in Chrome and IE. In Firefox, however, it "hangs" over the Search box. I've attached two images to illustrate. I'm new to IP Board and know nothing about skinning. Do you know what might be wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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