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Download: iAbout ULTRA 3.1.3 Italian Language Pack

Andy Rixon

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File Name: iAbout ULTRA 3.1.3 Italian Language Pack
File Submitter: Andy Rixon
File Submitted: 08 Jun 2010
File Updated: 03 Mar 2011
File Category: Language Packs

This is the italian language pack for iAbout ULTRA 3.1.3.

The language was based on a free online translator, If it is incorrect, please feel free to edit the file and send it to me so I can update the zip file here.

Also, if you have another language than English and would like to translate iAbout ULTRA, feel free to contact me for more information.


1. Login to ACP
2. Navigate to Look & Feel
3. Navigate to Manage Languages
4. Import the Language Pack Included
with this zip file.

1. Inizio attivit

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