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Please Stop using private methods


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Hello there!

Just a suggestion, but I think it's a good one: replace all 'private' properties and methods with 'protected'
As I just started to hack the IPBcode, trying to add new features, I already ran into a dead end because of the 'private' modifier.

Generally, protected is much better choice when you have a possibility of someone else writing some addon or mod. It's also much better for writing test cases since it is difficult to write a test for the private methods.

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Could you do this to the ACP log viewing scripts, Brandon? adminlogs.php specifically is almost entirely private.

Unless you'd like to add this to the remove() function yourself:

		$user = $this->DB->buildAndFetch( array( 'select' => 'name', 'from' => 'members', 'where' => 'member_id=' . intval($this->request['mid']) ) );

		$this->registry->getClass('adminFunctions')->saveAdminLog( sprintf( "Removed %s's admin logs", $user['name'] ) );

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