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IPB on using Cassandra and or HTML5

Ocean West

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With new technologies wonder if IPB is ready for the likes of


And or how IPB forward plans for html5 browsers ( locally stored data?)

IP.Board is an RDBMS-based forum software, and that is something that serves it very well. Huge sites like Twitter and facebook are having to invent solutions like Cassandra because they are dealing with scenarios typical databases struggle with, on a huge scale. To the best of my knowledge, we've never told anyone not to use IP.Board because it couldn't scale to their requirements, so whilst I can't speak for the developers, I very very much doubt we'll see support for it (nor couchdb, nor the next fad) any time soon.

As for HTML5 (and related technologies) though, I would expect that will be something that gradually finds it's way into the product as browser support grows.
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Indeed. We often have to find a lowest common denominator and work with that as our baseline.

Whilst we (the devs) would like to take advantage of every new technology, we are tethered to that baseline. We have to provide the same experience for someone using IE7 on PHP 5.1.x as someone using the latest build of Chrome with the latest version of PHP.

We see a lot of technologies come and go and we have to weigh up the benefits and if the technology is going to last.

We will make use of HTML 5 when our lowest common denominator supports it.

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