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flag as spammer did NOT remove post


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current flag as spammer does NOT remove spammers' posts, but automatically make them un approve
why not make a option to automatically remove them since IPB has bin forum function?

It seems not a point when you flag someone as spammer and want ot keep their posts on database marked unapproved

IF we evetually need to go into ACP to remove all of his posts, then "flag as spammer" looks like not no needed on frontend...

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I guess I see it a different way.

I see the Flag as Spammer option within the forums as a quick way to remove any objectionable posts and stop that person from posting any more. This is something any staff member should be able to do.

I see the removal of post something that only an Admin should be able to do. I trust my staff with my site, but they don't have the option to delete posts. To me, that's the role of the Admin.

Since it's so quick to go into the Member's profile in the ACP and delete all PM, Posts and ban/delete that account I don't see a problem with the way the current system is set up.

But hey, that's just my opinion. :)


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I would like to now see an option to soft delete and to mark the comment as 'suspected spammer'.

With the ability when you go into the ACP and deal with spammers to delete those messages for good in one go for the spammer.

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  • Management

Removing posts is very expensive. However, we can easily make an option to soft delete them.

Each post and topic has to be examined for attachments, and those removed. If the trash can is being used, each post will need its own topic, etc, etc. All this has to be done in one go, so anything more than ~100 items would cause a timeout. This is likely fine for *most* cases but it'd be a matter of time before someone tries to remove > 1000 items.

What we really need to do is add a flag to mark them as hard deleted and remove them via a task silently but that won't be possible without modifying the post table and we're in no hurry to do that.

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make it deal with removing in batch when posts are more than X
This is what vB does and work well

actually, I think this should be considered when this function was first developed though

If you make/think someone as a spammer, why leave posts "un approved" , a waist of DB resources

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Having to go into a user's profile to delete all their posts, block their IP, etc. is a BIG hassle if you have a larger site and have to do that to fifty of these in an hour. As an admin, I want a one-button kill-switch I can hit to remove a selection on a member management search (the ability to select users, ban them, ban their IP, ban everything about them, then turn around and delete their posts). It's just too time consuming otherwise.

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