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Download: Catalyst

Graeme S.

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File Name: Catalyst
File Submitter: Graeme S.
File Submitted: 06 Jun 2010
File Category: Skins

Catalyst is the ultimate professional dark skin.
Fluid & Fixed versions are available.

After spending countless hours, I have finally completed this project. Everything has been reskinned and I am extremely pleased with the result.

I've redesigned several elements, and I've also improved the blogs/downloads/gallery components as well (including custom lightbox theme).

  • IP.Blog
  • IP.Downloads
  • IP.Tracker
  • IP.Gallery
  • IP.Chat

I've uploaded a whole bunch of preview images, but nothing can compare to seeing it live and using it in action.

You can check out the skin at http://www.invisionskinning.com/dev/

Feel free to send me feedback/questions to graeme@invisionskinning.com

Click here to download this file
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This skin is awesome, some work was put into this. It's about time we see a good 3.1 dark skin.

Thanks :thumbsup:

I'd rather not tell you how many hours were spent on this skin :blink: .

I'm a perfectionist so I had to make sure things weren't out of place. That meant reskinnning the editor (had to make icons for it).

I want to say that I'm really proud of the blogs. If you have a look at the blogs, I think they look better than default.
Perhaps I'll message Rikki and ask if I can contribute a few things.
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I know from being there when the skin was developed, countless hours were put in and hard work + dedication to get every last little detail perfected. well worth the small price tag, and it's made for 3.1, comes in Fixed and Fluid widths.

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I just purchased this skin. :)

Amazing skin and looking forward to using it. One question, will customers receive free updates when future versions of IPB are released?

I can assure you minor versions will receive a free upgrade. :)

However, I may charge $5 or so for IP.Nexus skinning when it is released (as it's a lot of extra work).

Using Chrome

Fixed that bug :)

EDIT: I'm aware of the IE7 header bugs. Should be fixed by tomorrow.
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