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I wanted to give here some opinions on what could improve the forum in the near future ...

Canaril Almada

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I wanted to give here some opinions on what could improve the forum in the near future ...

I have some forums, but no doubt the IPB is the best, but still can improve more ...

Well here are some suggestions ...
In part to send emails in bulk, should give in to send a private message much like email ... there should be a part of the message to be sent to a specific time.

Another thing I noticed is that those who stick with www.xxxx.com address does not appear as a link, we must always put http://xxxx.com should change that.
Another thing I found important is putting in place a pup up menu to toggle each time you enter the forum index gives way ... Sometimes when we want to show something new in our forum, and so will not need to put this banner ...

When members are registered should receive an email automatically configured by the administrator to explain the operation of the forum, what they should do so that your registration has great success. ...

Well I leave here some ideas on what may be useful for the future ...

Any Questions Just ask ...


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All these would be very useful.

I could never understand why a welcome PM/email was never part of IPB - it gives an ideal opportunity to mention some features along with a link to the rules to aid as a reminder.

A pop up screen advising them of some important news would be great as well. Charles did post the code to the banner that IPS have (or did have) on the forums here - you can find that in the customers lounge. This would probably work just as well for now.

I think emailing /PMing users in bulk could do with some improvement - with the ability to send both plain/html emails along with PM's.

The link for URL's would also be useful - would probably have to be limited to www.domain.com as community.domain.com would be harder to detect and more prone to errors.

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not sure why you claim that - the majority of users simply write www.domain.com

and truth, 99% of users do not write www and http://
It would be one thing that would change, still do not know why they did not ...


friends another thing that should change for some countries is the time .... I'm from Portugal and ow goes from 00 to 24:00 hours ... But this too is something irrelevant.
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Another idea I had now escaped me, is when do the quote to any topic the topic will appear equal to the member's place, which would be my idea, it would happens to be a certain size would scrool with what I say ? so not occupy much space of the forum, which sometimes have to walk far with scrool down, or edit the topic of State and get the quote ...
What do you think?

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Moderators Forums at Index

One idea would also put root as it had in version 2.3.6 in the index of the forum moderators and not within the board which is what happens now ....
One more detail that is small but makes a difference ...


Another thing is coming soon with the hook installed on who is viewing the forum (how many members, such a member viewing)

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Reminded me more of a change that could exist ...

Something you could delete threads in hours or days ...

to which this is to select a topic in which the messages were erased more than three months, another topic of messages with more than 15 days, in short, we can choose how many threads we want-individual so that they can automatically delete threads without worry-mos ...

What do you think of the idea?

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I, and all my friends, have always written www. when sharing links. MSN does this perfectly and I have never come across anyone who have ever written http:// instead. I only write that for links that actually don't have www. in it(some URL's only gets accepted when writing http://).

Oh, and I've done this since I started using Internet when I was 13-14. I'm 20 now. Am I an "old" user? Don't think so.

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