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Download: BBCode - Acknowledge Source


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File Name: BBCode - Acknowledge Source
File Submitter: Bobby
File Submitted: 28 May 2010
File Updated: 30 May 2010
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

This BBCode allows you to easily reference and acknowledge the source of information or quote etc from another website..or internally. If you like a reference book 16 x 16 icon image is included here;
%7Boption%7D - If you use this icon, you can also add this information to your posting help file area

<li><img src='{style_image_url}/rte_icons/source.png' /> - This will allow you to easily credit the source of a quote or topic etc, simply cut and paste</li>

Click here to download this file

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I love this, I have one question though.

How could we make it so that, the image shows automatically instead of saying 'Source' so it would look like the following:

%7Boption%7D - IPS Website...

(if this makes sense)

Also, currently is says "Source:test"

How can I add a space to it so it isn't connected, like:

"Source: test"

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Hello Lee
Glad you like it.
The edits you want are very simple, just do the following;


Then go to "Source" in the list and EDIT BBCODE

Then scroll down to "Custom BBCode Replacement"




<img src="http://INSERT IMAGE URL HERE.png"><b>-</b> {content}{option}

Obviously just place the URL to the image that you want to use into the code above before you save it.

Then save the BBCODE.

Either save the image from here or use some other image you would like. Probably don't just cut and paste the URL to the book image from here at IPB as the URL will not be in the right format etc.

This will also add the space that you want.

Cheers Mate

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