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Few problems whilst trying to purchase!


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Hey there, i'm trying to purchase the board, gallery and blog package but keep hitting a few problems.

On the main page i choose Our Suite and then select the board. Then i click to add the gallery and blog and click the checkout button.

It will take me to the next page where i enter my details. If i click the header image here (I opened in a new tab to check something) the start of the url is https which takes you to an error page. (Only a small problem but thought it was worth a mention!)

I enter in my details and click to confirm, and i was told that my email already existed on the system ( I assume because i'm signed up on the forums ) So it asked me to login which i did ok. However on the page it took me too all i could find was the option to buy the board, and no additional items (I wanted to purchase it all at once)

So, i went back to the main page again and restarted the whole process. Chose my board, gallery, blog and clicked to go to the checkout. Then i was presented with an error saying

Invalid Product

If you feel you have reached this page in error please contact us or submit a report to our bug tracker and let us know how you got here.

Also on this page, a fair few of the links are also https which results in error pages.

I'm going to hunt around and see if i can figure out how to purchase!!! :)

Please don't take this post as a grumble at all, i'm in love with IPB! I just wanted to point out some of these errors i encountered in case it is happening to other people too, and putting them off a purchase!



Oh, Can it be possible to have an option to change the currency on the purchase page to UK GBP also? I have to keep loading external sites to see how much it will cost me in GBP not Dollars!

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The site has just been updated, so there may be some bugs - I am sure IPS will fix it asap.

You can always email sales@invisionpower.com and they can raise a manual invoice for you.

BTW - I would also like to see GBP on prices, especially given the poor exchange rate which may well start to affect sales if it continues this way for European customers.

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