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Okay this would basically be like the Calendar, except on some major steroids.

Take the concept of Outlook's calendar system, along with Google's calendar, where you can specify an event (all day/timed, single/ranged/repeating, etc), but where someone could put in a 'request' for a certain open time frame and the owner of that 'calendar' could approve the appointment.

Would need to support multiple people that can be scheduled (as the host), where those hosts would be able to be labeled as when they are (or will be) available. Pretty much an electronic/online version of an appointment system.

- Members that are part of the group would define what hours they are available (with ability to flag themselves as busy/unavailable/whatever on custom dates/times, for things like vacations, etc), per appointment group.
- When a date/time period is requested, then someone can approve/deny that request. Requests could include a specific person they want their appointment to be with.
- For time periods that are unavailable, the only thing shown (to those without proper access) would be a dimmed or blocked out display. It shouldn't show anything about other appointments, not even when that appointment ends, except possibly scheduled off time. ie, off time such as lunch breaks would show in one way but unavailable because of other appointments would show in another.
- Reminder options. Various contact methods should be provided so that someone in the group can do reminders, either by email (automated), IM or phone. For each reminder performed, a date/time noted for it and how it was done. If an email is automatically sent, that would be included. If done by phone, notes could be added (voicemail, etc). Could also be flagged to try again, in case there was no answer or if asked to call back for some reason.
- Integration into IP.Nexus, so service could be charged.
- History kept per group per person, so someone can see any and all appointments they have made. History should include both 'client viewable' and 'client unviewable' notes.
- If someone is a member of more than one group, then if someone wants an appointment with that specific person, it should show when they're available, with the different groups being highlighted differently. So they can make an appointment with the person and know where they'll be working or what they will be working on at that time. Useful is someone is loyal to a particular person they want a service from.

I'm sure there are other ideas that others can add onto it.

I would have called it "IP.Calendar" except that there's already the regular calendar, which would cause confusion, but also there is already an IPC add-on. IP.Schedule would have IPS would could cause confusion as well as compete with IP.Shoutbox, etc.

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