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Chat Licensing... how does it lock a licence?


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I was just trying out Chat, and was curious how the licensing worked. (user limits)

My question is, does it count as one user license used if someone clicks on the Chat tab? When on that page, it automatically says 'I've entered the room'... I guess this means I've logged into Chat, so this leads me to think that anyone who is curious could tie up a license just by selecting the 'Chat' tab and browsing away... the session appears to remain active.

Also, if someone is using Chat, do they actually need to click on 'Leave' prior to changing tab to release a license?



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Yes, however once a user leaves the Chat Room, that slot will be re-taken by another user. Once 1 user has entered and there are 5 users in the chat, and 1 leaves it will become available for the next user.

Thanks for the info. Does the 'Leave' button have to be pressed, or does the visitor simply browse to another page?
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