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Getting GET Variables...

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URL 1: /page/applications
URL 2: /page/applications?record=1
URL 3: /page/applications?record=1&page=requirements

If you notice in URL 3, I am attempting to pass the variable page. I would like to know how I can get the variable inside a template file.

I have tried using the $_GET method, but it only ever returns 'applications' (no quotes). Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Have you tried $this->request['page']?

No I have not, I'll try it right now.

Edit: It didn't work... result:

post-144955-053109700 1274541027_thumb.p

Edit2: It's because I'm using the variable 'page', but at least you showed me the code to get the variables, thanks. (Tried others before, just stuck with page)

I totally forgot that it's FURLs, and that page is a variable.
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