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Category icons should be a default feature


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Yes, I already use an official modification for this, so it's not something I'd be desperate for in 3.1 or anything, but they're highly used, far more interesting looking than the old 'on/off/locked' icons many forums use for status icons, and pretty much every fancy forum I've seen worth it's salt uses them as a feature.

Basically, the feature that allows you to use custom images for each forum on the forum index page. You see this kind of stuff on Gaia Online and what not, as well as quite a few big boards, so it's got a fair amount of demand. vB added a version of this as a feature a few years back, so I think IPB should kinda follow suit. Maybe just a box at the end of the edit forum settings page for each forum to add a custom image in the style of the image replacements system already in IPB?

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