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KT Walrus

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Now that Youtube video share links are automatically processed to use MEDIA tags, I'd like to see you use the Youtube API to link to an image of the video with a play button super-imposed. Clicking on the link should insert the HTML to load and play the video.

I'd like to not have to worry about how many Youtube Videos can be displayed on a page due to loading the Youtube FLASH player too many times. In the Youtube API, it is easy to retrieve the available thumbnails for the video (0.jpg, 1.jpg, etc).

You might also just use the lightbox to hold/play the video and treat these videos like photo files (you click on them to see full size versions).

Anyway, the MEDIA tag code could be made smarter in handling videos.

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You guys are fully free to edit the replacement HTML in the ACP under Look and Feel -> Manage Media. Just edit the youtube code and tell it to replace the tag with whatever you want specifically.

What I had in mind involves a little more dynamic code than you can get from a simple macro substitution. I was thinking you would actually use the YouTube API to determine the static image to use and to build the HTML needed.

But, I guess the dynamic processing can be done on page load using JS and you could hardcode the location of the thumbnail (if needed).

I'm not sure if the lightbox can handle an embedded YouTube video, but there are other lightboxes that do. Maybe the thing to do is to just emit image tag to the video thumbnail as a lightbox img and then modify the lightbox code to recognize thumbnails of YouTube videos and display the video player in the lightbox.

Still, I wish IPB just did this in the base code so we wouldn't have to worry about having too many flash players loaded in the browser at a time. Using a lightbox to play the video would eliminate this problem for all.

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