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(DP34) Advanced Thumbnails


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THL, open this file: admin/applications_addon/other/athumbnails/xml/hooks/hook.xml

$data['prefix'] = "<img src='" . $data['attach_thumb_location'] . "' width='" . $data['adt_width'] . "px' height='" . $data['adt_height'] . "px' title='" . $data['title'] . "' /> &nbsp;" . $data['prefix'];[/CODE]

Change to:

[CODE]$data['tags']['formatted']['prefix'] = "<img src='" . $data['attach_thumb_location'] . "' width='" . $data['adt_width'] . "px' height='" . $data['adt_height'] . "px' title='" . $data['title'] . "' /> &nbsp;" . $data['tags']['formatted']['prefix'];

Save and click on the Reimport Application Hooks on the Hooks management page.

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Howdy. Nice mod but I'm having a couple of issues.

With thumbs that don't show and only have a white box with a red cross, its looking in here for a thumbnail.............


While the thumns that are showing correctly are loading from this driectory.............


I have it set for internal images.

Not sure why that is.

The particular forum I'm trying this in is here .........


You will notice the red X boxes.

The other issue and this might be impossible. Rather than have set dimensions for thumbnails, is it possible to have a % of the image size. The problem is with vertical images. They still show in a wide scale and look completely wrong in scale. A percentage size would cure that problem.

All the best and any help is good help. If you need access, not a problem.


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Using the new version 1.04 which worked great for a couple of days and now its just dead. Tried all the settings and now I'm just running "internal images" and yet they are not working either. Any ideas. Link to one of the forums its set up for..............


Images 1, 2, 3 and 5 are all internal and thats what its set for. Tried all the other settings as well.



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