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(DP34) Advanced Thumbnails


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No no.. Anyway - this works fine on my dev board, so please send me also FTP details.. I'll be happy to check this issue directly on your board.

Thanks and sorry, but as you see - it works on my side..

Weirdly it appears to be working on a single thread in the entire forum, even though the majority of threads have attachments.

I want to check them in the ACP and FTP. OK?
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Well what I'm trying to say is, can you make the "Load more topic" option right below have Thumbnail when click on it? Right now, the thumbnail does not display when click on "Load more topic."

This is now fixed:
%7Boption%7Dpre_1328535304__2012-02-06_14-34-35.png'" alt="" class="ipsImage" width="1000" height="224">

I'm working on the rest for this mod, and will be released soon.
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Can you explain to me what this new feature/fixed are for?

  • added two new filters: choose what image type first when searching,
  • added option to set global default image.

For the global default image, does it finally now show default image I choose when it cannot load the thumbnail? Before it wouldn't load my default image even if I set one, instead it wouldn't show an image if it cannot find or load the image.

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added two new filters: choose what image type first when searching

First external then internal or vice versa. Simply it looking for external image in the first post, if find - will set it - if not will start looking for internal image. Or vice versa. Quite simply to understand when you try it on your board.

added option to set global default image

If you don't want to edit each forum and set the same default image then you can set global default image for each forum (if there is no default image set).
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