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(DP34) Advanced Thumbnails


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This mod is acking odd on my site. It may be something Im doing wrong. I set it for a forum topic and the first few pages have icons from the post in the topic, after about two pages in I get all the same photo for every topic. Can you help?


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I am having serious performance issues when this hook is active. I believe this query is done by the hook and it is very inefficient.


# Query_time: 196.108194  Lock_time: 0.000164 Rows_sent: 39  Rows_examined: 370169
SET timestamp=1416596487;
SELECT t.tid,p.post_key, p.post,a.attach_thumb_location, a.attach_location FROM topics t  LEFT JOIN posts p ON ( t.tid = p.topic_id AND p.new_topic = 1 )
 LEFT JOIN attachments a ON ( a.attach_post_key = p.post_key AND a.attach_is_image = 1 )   WHERE t.tid IN (72353,160177,160134,160003,159909,159911,159912,159908,160151,159863,159829,160124,160123,160122,160078,154892,160085,159917,130871,160051,160050,136539,160027,160026,160022,160023,160002,159991,159717,159971 ) ORDER BY a.attach_date DESC;


Any way we can reduce the number of rows examined?


steve k.

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