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Ajax edit for custom profile fields

Mr. Despair

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What are your thoughts on using ajax to edit custom profile fields? If you want to encourage/make it easier for users to edit these fields more frequently (sites that have fields that are a bit more dynamic), I think this would do the job.

If you're against using ajax for this, at the very least I think the custom profile fields could be better arranged/organised when editing your profile. Not too fond of custom fields being lumped together in "Other Information." If they are within a custom group I think they should be under a heading with the name of that custom group.

For example, wouldn't it be better to follow the grouping in the ACP:
Contact Information
Profile Information
Custom Group Information
Another Custom Group Information

Instead of having everything under Other Information. Ideally I'd also prefer to have custom fields near the top when editing my profile, since the other fields are more of the "set it and forget it" type of fields. This just avoids the hassle of having to scroll down every time to edit a custom field, although this could depend on each person's preference.

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