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img dimensions in skin

KT Walrus

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Browsers seem to render pages better if all img tags for the page specify height/width dimensions. Basically, the browser can reserve the page area for the image when rendering the HTML and doesn't have to wait until the fetch is completed. Even if the images are cached, I've noticed some weird formatting on slow browsers (like over a very slow wireless connection).

Anyway, my feature request is that the Admin CP have a setting to add actual width/height for the image (assuming the ACP can open the file and determine the dimensions) automatically to all img tags emitted.

Potentially, the Skin Replacement Macros could be altered once by an ACP tool, or a skin macro could be created that is manually added to all img tags in the skin that gets replaced with the width/height attributes of the enclosing img src file.

I can think of a number of ways to automate this.

Currently, in my production skin, I edit these manually but this is a chore to maintain.

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