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Download: [K-F] Countries Mod v3.0


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After doing this mod I noticed quite a few where made also. Doesn't matter in a way, different coders have their own makes and versions. I'm adding a "page" for Countries to this soon. And yes, I did make both this one and my 2.3 version, though after making them both, I noticed a few already uploaded to resource boards. I don't really think it's an issue really, right?

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How do you make the countr: (flag here) centered when it shows under peoples names in a post?

Did you figure it out? Well here is what I did:



<span class='ft'>{title}:</span><span class='fc'><img src='http://yourdomain.com/public/style_images/imgs/flags/{key}.png'></span>

The {key}.png will vary and so will this directory public/style_images/imgs/flags/



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File Name: [K-F] Countries Mod v3.0

File Submitter: [url=http://community.invisionpower.com/user/138369-thegtasectorcom/]TheGTASector.com[/url]

File Submitted: 06 May 2010

File Category: [url=http://community.invisionpower.com/files/category/105-modifications/]Modifications[/url]

Allows any one to view members Country Flags. This basically shows you the Country a member is from.

Upgraded version from 2.3 to 3.0.

[url=http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/3148-k-f-countries-mod-v30/]Click here to download this file[/url]

The following is just a suggestion for IPB 3.1.0.

1. Field Title : Country
2. Description : Select your Countries Flag.
3. Field Type : Drop Down Box
4. Profile Group: Profile Information or Contact Methods (You decide in this section)
5. Field Key: You must fill this in for example: in flags
6. Maximim input : 0
7. Display Order : 0
8. Option Content (for drop downs) : Select ALL , Copy and Paste Code Below
What is provided in your installation readme file.

9. Include on registration page? : Yes
10. Field MUST be completed and not left empty? : Yes
9. Field can be edited by the member? : Yes
10. Make this a private profile field? : No
11. Make Admin and Super Moderator Editable/Viewable Only? : No
12. Topic View Format? : Select , copy and Paste code below

I suggest the following format:

<span class='ft'>{title}:</span><span class='fc'><img src='http://yourdomain.com/public/style_images/imgs/flags/{key}.png'></span>

Thanks a lot for this mod..I made some tweaks to it as shown above.

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Just a side note if you use EDPEER's Topic View Format:

Ensure that you change the extension on {key}.png to {key}.gif -- as the images are gifs and not pngs. ;]

:thumbsup: Forgot to mention it. But ya you are right....the extension varies depending on the image source file extension....
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One minor problem:

It works....but

I use IPB 3.1.4.

Flags are not showing up under people's name because because {key}.png does not pick lower-case abbrivations as are included in flags' image directory, i.e., are in two-letter abbrivation codes.

So you got to change your content list as follow:


Instead of Afghanistan=Afghanistan, it would work with af=Afghanistan

and so forth...

Of course, there must be another way around it but since I already spent time in making the list properly, so here is the modified list to assist you.


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