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What's New in IP.Board 3.1, its Applications, and Services


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IP.Board 3.1.0

[url= Sharing
Easily share links from your community to Facebook, Twitter, and more. Great way to drive traffic to your community!

[url= Updates
Enhancements to the existing member status system in IP.Board to include the ability to reply and more.

[url= Preview
Preview the first few lines of a topic without loading the entire topic.

[url= Reputation
Optionally allow your members to see who gave reputation points on their posts.

[url= Integration
Your members can now link their account with their Twitter account!

[url= Facebook Integration
Further enhance the link between your community and Facebook to drive traffic. Including new Facebook Graph API

Advertising Code Integration: [url= 1 and [url= 2
Easily place advertising code throughout your community with simple settings in the admin area.

Profile Customizations: [url= 1 and [url= 2
Allow your members to customize the look and feel of their profile page.

[url= Upgrader
Upgrading your skin between versions of IP.Board just became a lot easier.

[url= Delete Posts and Topics
Rather than actually deleting a post or topic you can now hide it from view to easily restore it later.

[url= System
An easier way to be notified of all the various events that happen in your community. And Improvements

[url= Development Enhancements
Great tools for those that create modifications for IP.Board

[url= System Improvements
Improvements to the IP.Board hook system to make it easier for modification developers to expand the functions in the software.

Search Engine Optimization: [url= 1 and [url= 2
Allow search engines to better index and rank your community in results.

[url= Engine Overhaul
Search engine rebuilt from the ground up introducing more flexibility and power.

Template Merge Tool
Merge skin changes between versions right in the AdminCP.

All new Mobile Skin
Mobile skin for many popular devices to enable easy access to your community.

Plus many bugs fixed from the 3.0.5 version and performance improvements.

IP.Content 2.0.0

Feed Block Updates
Great updates to make these blocks even more useful.

Database Improvements: Part 1 and Part 2
Improvements to database usability.

Page Interface Enhancements
Makes working with Pages in the admin area easier.

Friendly URLs for Databases
Database URLs become human and search engine friendly.

Template Improvements
Easier to work with templates and updates.

Forum Integration
More tools to enhance content sharing between your forums and pages.

Support for a comprehensive articles system.

IP.Chat 1.1.0

Chat Count and Private Chats
Show number of people in the room at top of page and support for private member-to-member chats.

Local Chat Logs
View, search, and interact with your chat logs right in the admin area.

Skin Generator Service

Introducing Skin Generator
Our new, free service to active IP.Board license holders to easily generate a custom skin for their community.

Improvements to Skin Generator
New features and enhancements to the service.

Spam Monitoring Service

Many Enhancements
Many additions to the spam service both in IP.Board and behind the scenes to help combat spam on your community.

IP.Blog, IP.Gallery, and IP.Downloads

The new beta versions of these products are maintenance releases to fix known issues and to add compatibility for IP.Board 3.1.0. Also, IP.Blog received the new sharing tools from IP.Board. All of these products will receive full feature upgrades soon after the final release of IP.Board 3.1.0.

CleanCut, MSSQL Database Driver, and Converter Services

CleanCut skin has been updated to support the new application versions.

The MSSQL database driver has been greatly enhanced and stabilized from previous versions, now only support MSSQL 2005+, and we are phasing out deprecated field types for greater efficiency.

Converter Services will be updated just after IP.Board 3.1.0 is released as a final version.

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