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Question about "De-emphasize unimportant pages"


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De-emphasize unimportant pages

IP.Board 3.1 will now issue a meta robots tag with the value "noindex" for some common non-content pages. Examples include the login page, the register page, and the lost password request page. The purpose of the tag is to suggest to the search engine not to index the page at all. Every IP.Board installation on the internet will have effectively the same login, registration and lost password pages, and these pages have no valuable content that search engine spiders want to index anyways. By de-emphasizing unimportant pages, more emphasis is placed on the content-heavy pages we want search engine spiders to spend their time on.


Now the question is.. can we choose which pages will be "noindex"?

Because Profiles are unimportant pages too..
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They could be important.. But you can choose to make them only visible to members and not guests/search engines. In that case they'll get the appropriate error from not being able to view it, thus would not index it.

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