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Custom BBCode for HTML.

Nate is Karma

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Wow, I feel like a noob. Took me forever to find this Thread. Anyways...I'm having problems with using HTML Codes on my profile. Ok ok-call me a noob! lol. I assume you all know what Mixpod is, a visual music player that you can put on your profile. But, sad thing is, it uses HTML coding. Now, when I post it inside my profile, it only shows the code! Fail. The reason why I'm posting this is because:
1. I didn't think it'd be a BBCode, because it's a code itself.
2. I thought all you need to do is "Activate" HTML use on IP.Board.
3. Even if it was a Custom BBCode, I don't know what it is!

So if you can do a Noob-sized guide for me, that'd be very much appreciated! By the way, that usage of making custom BBCodes is great-only if I knew how to use them!

Thanks, Nate.

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