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Download: (NG30) Topic HTML

Nuclear General

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File Name: (NG30) Topic HTML
File Submitter: Nuclear General
File Submitted: 18 Apr 2010
File Category: Applications

File Name: (NG30) Topic HTML
File Submitter: NuclearGeneral
File Submitted: 7 April, 2010
File Updated: --
File Category: Invision Power Board 3
Resource Type: IPB3 Hook/Plugin/Application
Version: 1.0.0
Price: $25 USD
Demo URL: http://www.tiberiumstudios.org/

Tiberium Studios Is Proud To Announce The Release of (NG30) Topic HTML v1.0.0!

This Application will display Custom HTML code in topic view.

For Support, Please Visit The Support Topic.
Release Notes

[*]First Initial Release Of Modification v1.0.0

Features Available Turn System On/Off Group Permissions Available Permissions System Types Available:
  • Primary Group Check
  • Secondary Group Check
  • Both Primary And Secondary Group Check

  • Left Side Of Post.
  • Right Side Of Post.
  • Top Side Of Post.
  • Bottom Side Of Post.

  • Can Set Auto Bot Name.
  • Can Set Auto Bot Title.
  • Can Set Auto Bot Avatar URL. (Can Be Enabled/Disabled.)
  • Can Set Auto Bot Group Name. (Can Be Enabled/Disabled.)

  • Can Parse HTML Code.
  • Can Parse Smilies.
  • Can Parse BBCode.

  • #board_name# = Your Board Name.
  • #board_url# = Your URL To Your Board.
  • #public_dir# = Your URL To Your Boards "Public" Directory.
  • #img_dir# = Your URL To Your Users Currently Selected Skin.

[*]AdminCP Application Supports "Manage ACP Restrictions" Permissions. [*]Ability To Choose Forums For Showing In. [*]Individual JavaScript/Message Settings For First Post And Bot Post. [*]Shows In First Post Of Every Topic. (Can Be Enabled/Disabled.) [*]Display Auto Post Bot After "X" Amount Posts. [*]Can Be Shown As A Post Or Inline. [*]Parser Settings [*]Replacement Macros For Message: Pricing The Purchase Price is $25 USD. To purchase (NG30) Topic HTML, please click on this link: Product Listing. Then click on the "Add to Cart" button below the products description. %7Boption%7D Terms And Conditions Before Purchasing, please be sure to read the Terms And Conditions fully. (This mod requires 1 template bit edits. 3 edits in Topic View.) Click here to download this file
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This mod was actually done as a custom request for someone at my site. They requested me do a mod that allows them to post custom HTML code as they please within the first post of a topic and within certain posts within a topic along with X amount that it will show. They never replied back within almost a week or paid the amount I requested for the mod to be made, so I made it public. He didn't mind it being made public either, so I posted it at IPS.

You can use Full HTML code in the mod and Full JavaScript code as well. The HTML and JavaScript have separate settings for them because the "Full Editor" setting doesn't allow JavaScript to be parsed; only regular HTML code.

Side Note: Buy One Get One Free Promotional Sale!!!

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