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Server Down problem

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Dear Friends

Am using 1and1 VPS II Package. Its Linux VPS.
After i upgraded my IPB 2.3.6 to 3.0.4, somee times server may going to down and am getting a message
"The Web Server (Apache) service on host xxxx.com is down.
The problem was discovered on Apr 17, 2010 10:13 PM."

What i have to do?
Please help me?

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Moving to Server Management :)

You will need to restart apache on your VPS, contact your host if you are unsure how to do this as I am not sure what kind of control panel you will have (or if you will have to perform this at the command line instead)

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My dedicated server was crashing in a similar manner after upgrading from IPB 2 to 3. The cure was to install more memory (1gb to 2gb). In addition Search engines were going nuts indexing the site. I put a 10 second delay in the robots.txt file plus slowed Google down by editing my site through my Google Webmaster account.


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