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Suggestion - Last.fm integration, re-arrangeable use rprofiles, more then just Twitter..


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  • Re-arrangeable (drag able) pieces of your profile (using ajax (jquery has a light weight ui script for this) to move, save the info).
  • Youtube integration, ability to add a "block" containing a mini Youtube profile or playlist.
  • Last.fm profile/last listened to.

Similar to this http://rick.jinlabs.com/code/lastfm/ Wordpress plugin, IPB could ask for an optional Last.fm username on registration and have a setting for it in the UCP.

Re-arrangeable profile pieces could be moved when the user went to their own profile, or if an admin with the proper permissions did.
Ability to create an "uneven" profile, the user having more control.
Please note, this is just an example of how the profile could be rearranged and should not be limited to what I drew in Paint :P

These are additions to: [url=" and [url="

Would be cool to implement these ideas.

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I'd love to see moveable profile blocks, that would rock. Or even just the ability to drag and drop blocks in the ACP, for admins to decide how they want the profiles to display - rather than hefty editing in the templates. I could definitely go for that.

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While movable profile blocks would be nice, it's not required, nor does it serve a purpose aside from needless "prettyfication". I know for a fact no one on my site would give a crap what someone else just listened to.
Granted, yes It would be useful for a music enthiuast site but IPS Product's are not really designed around Niche Markets

As you said, this is a Plugin for Wordpress, so your best plan would be to post this in a Mod Request

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