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Moving forum between domains

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I am currently running a forum with gallery setup like this:


The .us TLD was just a preliminary solution until we could get the domain transfer to the desired TLD sorted out.

I would now like to move the forum to a setup like:


Both domains exist, on the same server, so the actual moving is just a matter of simple copy command on the server, a short edit in the conf_global and then reconfiguring the server environment and paths in the ACP. I expect no problems there. Once the move is done I want a simple 301 redirect on the old (.us) TLD to redirect to the new presence.

However I am not sure of the implications that arise from the change of the TLD and the omission of the "/forum" structure. I expect all the "in-site" links, that is links made in posts that link to other posts on this forum to be broken after this. Links like


I am not too versed in SQL, but I assume that this might be possible to fix by running a few simple queries through the database? Something that looks for "http://foobar.us/forum/" and replaces it with "http://foobar.net/" ?

Is that possible, and could anyone give me pointers or advice on how to work out those queries? What else is there I need to have an eye on?

Thanks for your help, much appreciated!

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