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SEO Friendly URLs


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Ultimately, the point of good SEO features is to help you rank better in search engines - the features IPB3 includes by default help that, with some users even reporting better rankings when switching to IPB3 from vB+vBSEO :)

That said, our FURLs can be customized by editing a configuration file. We don't have a flashy interface for this simply because it's not something 99.9% of admins would ever do, because our defaults work well. But it is possible to do.

There are some 3rd party SEO addons for IPB that may already offer what you suggest. There's MinervaSEO and CommunitySEO, that I know of :)

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Hi Rikki,

where can I find this file? Thx!

I believe each application has its own template file. For forums, it's in /admin/applications/ips/forums/extensions/furlTemplates.php.

A few notes though: first, you need to be sure of what you're doing. These files are an integral part of IP.Board and should not be edited unless you're certain you know what you're doing. Secondly, if you do edit them, I suspect there's a good chance you might damage any SEO ranking you've already earnt (or you may break links that search engines provide to users). Finally, this aspect of IP.Board is unsupported. Be careful :)
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Is this the 'default' settings?


I just want to check that is what I'm using on my board since I had my conversion done.


That is the URL structure that utilizes the Friendly URL scheme, but there is one additional thing you can do pretty easily to that if you wanted: removing the index.php part of the URL. There's a setting in the Admin CP that will let you do that, but it also requires a small edit to your site's .htaccess file. While in the Admin CP use the search box in the upper right and search for the term "mod_rewrite", you should find the setting "Use .htaccess mod_rewrite" that will let you control this.
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