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Emoticon groups


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Hello everybody,

after one hour watching for a post which referrs to the problem, I started a new one. If ther is already one which gives a clear answer, please redirect me ;)

The problem: In the forum there are many emoticons (about 250) and my quest is now if ther is the possibility, by mod or build in with IPB, to have special drop-down-menus for special emoticon groups. Those menus should be shown in the emoticon sidebar in the full reply editor.

My imagination:

The standard side-bar should contain the standard emoticons. If you now click on "Show All", a menu with the groups will be shown.


If you now click on "Smilies", all emoticon, which were atteched to the group "Smilies" are shown [optional without the "'tags"]. Is this possible? L3ron

[*]Smilies [*]Symbols (Of the program the forums are dealing with) [*]Objets (pizza, coins, coffee-cups etc.) [*]etc.

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This is not a built in feature.

Mh, okay... But is there any MOD or something like this, which can handle this?

Or is there the possibility, that a pop-up will be open in which every emoticon will be shown?
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I have asked about this before in other posts... and have not had a real answer re: this...

the emoticons either show up in a 1 x array (name and image) or 2 x array with two images per row with the full editor..

if a site has a lot of smiley's then the list is long and not easy to navigatge... will 3.1 or a future mod fix this so that we can choose the array size???

i will post the results in my other requests once this is updated..

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