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IRC Commands


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OK "IRC Commands" is the common name for it, but it isn't limited to IRC. These "/commands" are used in many different chat rooms, and games where chat input is accepted.

I've been told "why don't you click on their name". Well I'm really not a mouse user. I use keyboard shortcuts to get around where possible to speed up use. I know a lot of other people do to. And I find it quite annoying when you have to hunt for their name in the list just to perform a command.

So this suggestion has two parts:

(1) Commands

/kick <name>
/boot <name> (alias to kick)
/ignore <name>
/msg <name>
/private <name> (alias to msg)
/whisper <name> (alias to msg)

I'm sure there are other things that can be done as well. But it's pretty much any command in the menu when clicking the name.

The second argument I found is "what if I can't type their name because of special characters". Well in the English language most people use alpha numeric characters, which are easily typed. In other languages I'm sure they know how to type their own letters as well. But it is a valid argument, so this is my next suggestion:

(2) Name click in chat

When you click on the name of the person in the chat window (not the user list) it inserts their name into the box. So if you typed in "/kick " and clicked on "bfarber: Hello World" it would insert "bfarber" to make "/kick bfarber" which allows you to hit enter.

I know what you're thinking... why didn't you just click on the user list? You clicked! Well the user list can get very large, making you hunt for it. This makes it a bit easier.

But for a "keyboard only" solution, I would have some kind of shortcut to cycle through the names in the chat, first being the last person who sent a message. Could be something like up and down, or Ctrl-Up or Ctrl-Down.

So if the chat log was something like this:

.Wolfie: Can someone kick me please?
bfarber: When it's ready
Charles: Hello Everyone

You can type: "/kick "

And press Ctrl-Up+Up+Up, then Enter, and that's it! (or just Up+Up+Up, then Enter)

The "Up" and "Down" to cycle through names only words when the message box starts with "/" for a command and inserts (replaces) the name after "/command ".

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I haven't looked at the chat mod but it should be possible. I have added a couple of IRC style commands to my own shoutbox. The /me to speak as third person, and a few action triggers.

The chat mod is no use to me so I am not familiar with it, but In the next couple of days I will take a look at it and see what is possible.

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