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Download: Resize Image for Fixed Width Layout


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File Name: Resize Image for Fixed Width Layout
File Submitter: Morrigan
File Submitted: 04 Apr 2010
File Updated: 01 Jul 2010
File Category: Modifications

If you have a fixed width layout and people post Large images it stretches your layout. This replacement file for the javascript for this function will make sure that your layout doesn't go funky when someone expands a large image. It will overlay other parts while big but it will shrink back properly after it's clicked again. ^_^

Updated - To work for IPB 3.1.x
I thought it would continue to work on this version. It did but it removes the inline notifications so the new file works for it. The older file works on version 3.0.5 still. ^_^

Click here to download this file

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Of course. This just makes sure that your layout doesn't jump in size when you expand a linked image. An example would be like in this thread:

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