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New Hosting Packages


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The new hosting packages - and changing the limit system - are very attractive. I think this push will really be great for users who dont want to host IPB on their own.

Those bonuses - IP.Chat, and all the IP.Addons are a REALLY good offer. It even has me thinking about using IPS Hosting!

Just one point - the website still needs to be updated. ;)

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Blog, Gallery, and Download Applications

You have always been able to purchase IP.Blog, IP.Gallery, and IP.Downloads on community hosting packages. Some packages these extras were included and on others there was an extra fee. As of today all packages include these applications for free!

We will be providing account credits to any clients who paid for the add-on service within the last 15 days.

Was just reading this in the Comunity Hosting Enhancement thread by IPS, i am a little confused as to what the above means. Does it mean that the Blog, Gallery and Downloads are now free? Or does it means that it's free for those using IPS hosting or does it mean something else. Can someone please explain.
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