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To start off with I would like to say that I think the search is a hell of a lot better than it was in 3.0 and I like the interface in the way it is working.

HOWEVER lol .... (always a but) ... I think the member search is confusing. IMO the majority of the time that someone types something into the search box when selecting member, they are going to enter a username. If they do so they are going to get no results as it does not search that field.

Suggestion: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we have it search the username & displayname fields also, and in addition to this can we have it search any previous displaynames. The reason I ask this is thinking of the reasons I would search in members as a user.

  • I want to search for a users profile and cant be bothered looking through member list.
  • As a moderator a member is being spoken about quite a lot within profiles and is causing issues on my forum, so I want to see everywhere the person has been mentioned.
  • A member has changed there displayname, but I cant for the life of me remember what it was changed to, so I will search for it.
Any other examples welcome :)
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