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Want to renew my ticket support and upgrades

Thiago Correia Carneiro

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Renew access to ticket support and upgrades after six months for just $25.00.

But how i do this?

I go to the client area and i cant find any link for a renew, the only link i find is a complete standard license for 149


Client Area, Packages, Inactive Packages.

When i click on "Invoices" i see that my renewal period has expired, but the same msg says that i can renewal anytime after 6 months.

I click PAY NOW and got this msg.

The following errors were found:

DECLINED This transaction has been declined.

=/ any help please?

Check your billing information and make sure that it's accurate. I recommend using PayPal if at all possible, just makes it easier.

If you still have problems after that, contact billing. I *think* the email is billing@invisionpower.com

Billing Assistance
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This is what i get. I still dont get it if i can or not renewal for $25. I was thinking that after the period of 6 months i could renewal anytime i want. Is that correct?

Yes, that is correct. Also, to renew something, you have to visit your "Invoices" link: https://www.invisionpower.com/index.php?appcomponent=billing&module=customer_area&section=invoices You should see a section for "Inactive Packages", then to the right, you should see a "Renewal" link to renew your service for that package.
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Best thing to do would be contact the billing staff, which you can do by submitting a ticket in your client area. Nobody here has the knowledge to help you with this situation.

On that note, guys, if you see topics like this, please either report them or direct them to the client area so they can get the help they need - don't guess what the problem might be, it just means they don't get any help until a staff member stumbles across the topic.

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