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Multi-Moderation in Topic View


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Just a small practical improvement/suggestion:

When you enable Multi-moderation for a forum it will show like this in the forum view:
but in the topic view it will create another separate input, where the Multi-moderation could easily fall under the Topic moderation which would save the use of another input box.

I've setup the CleanCut skin to combine the Post moderation and Topic moderation in one bar (since I think it's a waste of space using two bars, where the old IPB 2 setup (one bar) does the job (better)), but now I understand why you did this, because of the Multi-moderation. But if you would just insert this into the Topic moderation then this problem of having three 'mod input thingies' wouldn't occur.

Obviously I could (probably), and will probably, do this myself, but I think you guys should know because I think it's an overall improvement.

What it looks like now (on our forum):
Which is obviously crap, but if the Multi-moderation would be added to the Topic moderation it would look nice. (I only noticed this just now because I enabled Multi-moderation in a forum)

ps yes I'm aware these are just small changes and you probably don't consider them to be any important, all I ask is just look into them when you're revising the skin or something ;)

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