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Ajouz ♞

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Hello ,

first thanks IPS for all products ,

I want here to suggest something maybe IPS or some Coder will be intersted in it .

I will call it IP.scientific as a Learning Manegment System (LMS):

futures :

1-Lesson module:

  • question and answer system
  • Teacher Review
  • Student Review
  • Grading
  • course builder (events , resource , custom pages )

2- Quiz module :
  • something like Q&A which we use to prevent spam

3-Wiki module :
  • wiki basic
  • lesson notes
4-Tools :
  • forum integration
  • chat integeration
  • math editor
  • scientific calculator

I knnow that some of these futures can be done using IP.content , but maybe some one will be intersted to do it as a seperated and complete system

thanks .
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I'd be happy if somebody could make this quiz thing and study flashcards for IP.Content. Wiki I can do without.

I've been e-mailing around for like months and nobody wants or knows how to do it. $ mean nothing anymore, apparently :P

But it's a great idea for us who run educational sites, weather it's with forums or content. I doubt anyone will make it.

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I would like a much more robust LMS where courses could be sold on the marketplace:

Most of these features are included in a current LMS called LearnDash on WordPress.

The way I picture this working is similar to the "clubs" application. Instead of clubs, it would be "schools" or maybe this just becomes a huge extension to the already existing clubs application rather than an entirely different application. I don't know. This could be simplified by removing the "Dean" and schools from the equation and just having courses but most of the features the dean had would still need to be available to the Instructor.

So, there are five people I will talk about while breaking this down.

  1. Admin.
  2. Dean: User who creates the school.
  3. Student.
  4. Instructor (the person who creates the courses and material). Now, obviously, a dean could also be an instructor.
  5. Affiliates

Here are some features and abilities needed from the top level down:


  • Can choose who has the ability to become a dean by group or individual (a user who has the ability to create a new school).
  • Can decide how many schools they are allowed to open by group or individual level.
  • Can determine a commission the admin receives from each schools sales.
    • on a group or individual level
  • Can determine what permissions each Dean has within their school.
    • what features they can enable
  • Can feature a school
  • Can feature individual courses within any school 
  • Affiliate toggle (can affiliates be created in this school)



  • Can create a school or multiple schools depending on rights given by the admin
  • Can customize their school
    • make some sort of customizations to the school to make it look unique and their own (branding)
      • I am thinking color changes, maybe even the ability to choose some themes
      • can change the cover photo and choose a schools logo
  • Can choose a commission rate they receive from the sales of instructors courses. Obviously, if they are to be the instructor of all their own courses in the school they would choose 100%.
    • Dean should be able to choose the commission rate of individual instructors and/or courses.
    • Can choose whether a course can be published immediately or if it needs to be approved first.
    • Can choose whether to allow instructors to price their courses or if the dean will make the decision on the pricing
  • Can choose whether their school is open or closed
  • Can choose whether instructors can move their courses to other schools or not
  • Can transfer/move a course to another Dean if the other dean approves it first.
  • Can assign multiple instructors to any individual course
  • Statistics Panel showing statistics of each school
  • Can also be an instructor
  • Can create categories available for an instructor to choose from when creating a course (category the course would fall into)
    • Description available for each category created.
  • Coupons
    • Can create coupons
      • % off or $ off options
    • Instructor Coupons toggle (can instructor create coupons)
  • Affiliates
    • Can create affiliates
      • choose commission rate (% or $ amount)
      • choose whether the affiliate gets affiliate links to all courses in the school or specific courses
    • Instructor Affiliate (can the instructor create affiliates)
    • Customize affiliate tag/id/url or allow affiliates to create their own
    • Create/upload marketing material (sales copy, graphics, videos, audio)
    • Choose payout options
      • how often payouts happen for each sale
      • how long after a sale must they wait before getting paid for it (this is so that any money back guarantees/refunds are not affected by payout)
      • how they will get paid (manually or via PayPal)



  • Can create courses
  • Statistics Panel for each course
    • Student list and progress (not started, in progress, completed)
    • Quiz stats
    • Assignment stats
    • Sales/commission earned
  • Sales page for each course
    • promo video
    • course description
    • course modules and lessons view
      • with an indicator to which lessons are available to preview for free
    • Thank you message to student after enrolling (thank you and here are the next steps you should take or whatever the instructor wants to put in there)
  • Bulk Messaging (ability to send a message out to all students or students at a specific stage of the course (completed, not started, in progress)
  • Price of their course (if allowed by the dean)
  • Create a Biography specific to the course (this would not just be their profile bio)
  • Course Banding
    • Logo
    • Banner image
  • Curriculum
    • Create new Module
      • Add file
      • Add description
      • Add video
    • Create new Lesson
      • Add file
      • Add description
      • Add video (can choose whether the full video has to be watched by student before the lesson can be marked complete or not)
    • Create new quiz
      • assign quiz to a lesson
      • Quiz Features
        • Choose if the quiz is to be auto-graded (only available if multiple choice is the only types of questions in the quiz)
        • Ability to choose if the student can continue with the course before passing
        • Restart quiz toggle (can the student restart the quiz)
        • Multiple attempts (how many attempts can a student make at this quiz if failed)
        • Pause/save quiz progress toggle (can the student pause/save the quiz and come back to it later)
        • Take quiz again toggle (even if they passed the quiz, can this quiz be taken again)
        • Randomize questions toggle
        • Show quiz results toggle (shows the students what questions they got right or wrong)
          • Results Options (all toggled)
            • Score
            • Average score of other students who have taken the quiz
            • Number of correct questions
            • Number of incorrect questions
            • Display which questions were answered incorrectly
            • Display which questions were answered correctly
            • Display the correct answers to incorrectly answered questions
            • Points or Percentage score
            • Quiz Time
            • Average Quiz Time of other students who have taken the quiz
        • Time limit
        • Autostart toggle (if a time limit is set do you want the quiz to auto start the timer when the student loads the quiz)
        • Number of questions to show (does the student need to see and answer all of the questions - not required but would be nice to have this option)
        • Prerequisites (can choose other quizzes that need to be passed before taking this one)
        • Notifications
          • choose whether to be notified when a student has submitted their quiz via Notification Center or email
          • Can customize what this notification looks like (subject, details)
        • Force student to answer each question toggle
        • LeaderBoard toggle (The leaderboard allows users to enter results in public list and to share the result this way.)
        • Individual Question Options
          • Question Title (optional)
          • Question Category (optional)
          • Points (required) - Points this question is worth
          • Message with the correct answer if answered incorrectly (optional)
          • Message to display if question is answered correctly (optional)
          • Hint (optional)
        • Types of Questions
          • Single choice
            • input the different answer choices (instructor chooses which one is the correct answer)
            • optionally a media can be chosen as an option instead of just text (picture, video)
          • Multiple choice
            • same as single choice but there are multiple correct answers
          • “Free” choice
          • “Shorting” choice
            • instructor inputs answers and then sorts them into the correct order
            • student is then shown a random list of all the answers that the instructor put in and has to sort them into the correct order.
          • “Matrix Sorting” choice
            • same as the standard sorting but there are columns that the student must move the answers into
          • Fill in the blank
          • Assessment
            • basically a less true to more true
          • Essay / Open Answer (assignments)
            • Text box or media upload (file type restrictions options)
            • Choice of
              • Not Graded (approved by instructor), No Points Awarded
              • Not Graded, Full Points Awarded
              • Graded, Full Points Awarded
          • If the quiz question is manually graded the instructor should have the ability to add notes to a correct or incorrect answer/submission.
  • Certificate
    • Can create certificates by choosing some pre made templates or uploading their own
    • can place different elements onto the certificate (student name, date, quiz title, course title, points/score, etc etc)
    • choose whether certificates are auto sent or manually sent to the student once the course is completed



  • Course progress bar
  • Indicators next to each lesson/module showing if they are complete or not (a check mark or something)
  • Reports
    • current progress of each course they are enrolled in
    • quiz results (and any notes from instructor)
    • certificates earned (printable/save in PDF format)
  • Mark Complete button for each lesson
  • Notes (each lesson has a notes button where the student can write notes as they as they watch the video or read the lesson)
    • Save/Print options
    • Notes Panel where they can see all of the notes they have taken for a specific course and what module/lesson those notes were taken in)



  • Affiliates panel
    • shows courses they have affiliate options for
    • can choose what their affiliate ID is (this would be what goes at the end or beginning of the URL)
    • shows copy/videos/images/audio they can use to market each course
    • shows their earnings and statistics for each course
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