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Mucky row colors?


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I find that when I use the Skin Generator that the row colors are either a murky greyish color or a too light for a dark skin color. I already figured out that strange skin colors don't work well together and that you need somewhat complimentary colors for it to even look decent. But that being said I'll show you what I mean:
Note that the Rows are a murky desaturated red color which is a little bleh. BUT! If you take off the contrast:
It's practically white.

I don't know if there is a way to fix this but I thought I'd show you that perhaps it isn't completely friendly. ^_^

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Yeah It's like that. More color choosers would be ideal. This would also really assist with people like me that skin using very off the wall color contrasts.

Maybe, as a better suggestion, there should be this one for basic skinners and then a more advanced version, with more choices, for the more advanced/knowledgeable skinners?

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